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Dice Dual

Dice Duel is coming to Rio!

Dice Duel is played with two standard dice, Gold & Red. The aim of the game is to bet on which die will show the highest result. There are nine permissible bets that a player may place; Red, Gold, Tie and numbers 1 through to 6. A player must place at least one bet and can place up to 9 bets. The dealer will pass the Red dice cup with the one Red die to the player with the highest wager on Red. The player will shake the die in the dice cup and return it to the dealer. The dealer will reveal the Red die. The dealer will then hand the Gold dice cup to the player with the highest wager on Gold, following the same procedure to reveal the Gold die.

When both dice have been revealed, the die with the highest score will be announced the winner. If both die display the same result it is a tie.


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